What about media?

When media is considered an "afterthought" and outsourced, a thin line of communication from branding and strategy only allows so much information to get through.  This bottleneck stifles access to innovation in media channels.  


Why agencies and clients outsource media:


  • Low Margin
  • Labor-Intensive
  • Research tool investment
  • Constant shift in platforms.

In the last decade, clients and agencies have outsourced their media to big holding companies. This has left a huge disconnect between brand postioning, strategy, and execution of the messaging.  


The Issue:


  • New platforms demand new creative and strategy integration
  • Media agencies have a tendency to be transactional and not strategic about buying and engaging through the variety of channels
  • Nuances in the audience are not considered because of isolation during the strategy and planning process


Our solution:


  • Integration into the planning teams, even during the pitch phase for agencies.
  • Collaborative development of media based on research
  • Constant communication on planning, asset deadlines
  • Flawless compliant execution of media plans with constant updates to clients and agencies
  • Reporting of data in whatever format you need
  • Optimization recommendations and executions



We have 20 years of experience in pharma and medical device marketing from all angles.  We have experience in agency, PR, Med Ed, Consumer, and Managed Care.

We are experts in digital (including social), print, conference, and to a lesser extent, radio and outdoor.  We help you determine the right target, then recommend the right media.

Our plans are all based on briefs we ask you to fill out and also through meetings (not currently, of course) and calls to help us get the nuanced information that can make the difference in our research and tactics.




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