Healthcare Media Research, Planning, Execution and Reporting

Contact us and we'll set up a free media analysis on the best ways to reach your targets, whether they be HCP, Managed Care and/or Patient/Consumer.


Every request starts with a call to discuss what your unique needs are based on the following:

  • Stage of launch
  • Competitive landscape
  • Budgets
  • KPI's
  • Assets available
  • NPI lists


Our research tools are legion!

  • Kantar
  • MARS
  • Scarborough
  • ZipET
  • MRI


Execution and optimization of your plans

  • Flighting to optimize conferences, disease awareness, other opportunities
  • Trafficking of materials
  • Tracking of media, including reporting and optimization

Where we play:

  • Digital, including social
  • Print, including journals and trades
  • Conference Media
  • Radio
  • Outdoor


Contact us for details.

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